My name is Andreas aka Grimvar from Frankfurt/Germany and I have been painting tabletop miniatures for over twelve years now.

This site is about showing some of my work online. The images represent recently finished projects but also miniatures I painted during the past years. So you will see a mix of different painting standards, varying over time with my improving skills.

I got into the hobby of miniature painting when friends of mine, who played Warhammer Fantasy, suggested to start an army of my own. I got the first dwarf figure from them, bought some Vallejo colors and brushes and made the first steps. It never came to me playing the table top game, but I kept painting. first mainly for role playing purposes, later for Mordheim, Warhammer 40K or Songs of Blade & Heroes.

paintstationI always favored the painting over the actual playing of the games and I choose my projects by getting the models which appeal to me most, speaking of design and/or concept. As you can find out on this page, two recurring topics of my work are Orks and Terminators.

If you like to see some more miniature work, see my posts on CoolMiniOrNot.